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Moog Opus 3

“This Moog Opus 3 is in great shape and has been studio-kept most of its long life. Everything works. There are a few minor cosmetic scratches and signs of use typical for a forty to fifty-year-old instrument. (see pictures) Functionality remains unaffected. Two small knobs are missing but not missed.; One missing knob that sits atop the chorus DEPTH slider. The depth is still adjustable with a paper clip or a toothpick. I never bothered replacing the knob because I have always left the depth on full and only adjust the rate. The chorus sounds amazing, especially on the strings. The missing knob on the Organ/brass VCF Off On switch I replaced with a small screw and it’s easily switchable though I prefer to keep this always on.

This Opus is built like a tank. It’s ALL ANALOG COMPONENTS reside safely inside an ALL METAL CASING with REAL WOOD END PANELS. There’s a small area on the settings control panel that is worn away; below the Master Tune knob and to the left of the PITCH WHEEL. It’s strictly cosmetic and does not affect function or sound. Only the screen-printed top panel is worn, NOT the main metal housing. I smoothed it over with a small piece of black tape. It’s easily removed if you prefer. There is one key (low E) that shows a visible repair of the plastic. The note plays perfectly, is unaffected, and can be easily replaced if desired.

There’s a little noise if I wiggle the output cables because I’m currently out of contact cleaner. One small blast of DEOXIT and she will be quiet as a church mouse again. If my supplies order arrives before this ships I’ll be happy to do the cleaning for you. The unit will be very well packed and fully insured.” Click here to visit listing on eBay