Moog Opus 3

” Here’s a Moog Opus 3 String Synth. I think they are under-rated when compared to the Arp Omni, Solina and Rolands.. The Moog features a much more extreme bandpass or hi-pass filter which gives a ton of string options, and the chorus section is outstanding. The brass is quite good too, with pretty detailed controls for tailoring the sound in addition to it’s preset. The opus’ sound shaping controls go much farther than any other string synth I’ve come across, which are typically just attack and sustain like the solina..

I’ve included a video of me testing out the controls.. I play through each key with a tone, and then use the string section, its bandpass filter and chorus, followed by adding in organ sounds, and finally experimenting with the brass preset and customizing it with filter and envelope changes…

I couldn’t find any issues and everything functioned as normal after it warmed up, for the first minute or so after you turn the unit on, the Brass section filter was sluggish to function, but it corrects itself after 5 minutes. occasionally a slider would give a little bit of noise which I’m assuming is dirt or wear on the pot. Cosmetically it’s in pretty good shape. See the pics for full documentation of end caps and control panel.” Click here to visit listing on eBay