Moog Opus 3

used-opus-3 “keyboard owned by me since new, never gigged and not actually played with that much, all keys work of course but the contour slider was missing its button and post which meant you had to operate with a pencil but I have since semi repaired with cannibalised slider from another machine but it could do with a proper fix really. Black foam removed professionally years ago. Everything seems to work though pots and sliders a little crackly at time though this gets better as it warms up and with a bit of use. possible to make really quite fantastic sounds but needs to feed through effects to beef it up. its fully analogue so no memory presets but it is possible to fix the three sections (Strings, Organ, and Brass) and switch on and off individually. Facia sticker very slightly faded in areas due to use of inappropriate cleaning fluid! UK 240v. It probably could do with a proper refurb electronically but probably just needs a good clean internally.” Click here to visit listing on eBay