Moog Multimoog

This auction is for a used Moog Multimoog analog keyboard synthesizer with serial number 1383. This was from the company’s Buffalo NY years, manufactured from 78-81. I am not sure of the date of manufacture for this particular keyboard. It has an assignable ribbon touch controller as well as an assignable aftertouch keyboard. The front panel graphics and lettering are the gold variation. This is a rare Moog keyboard as only 1000 of this model were made. It’s built like a tank, made for playing and handling and will last a very long time if given proper attention and care. It has a rich sound, capable of a wide palette of tones and effects with a very accessible layout and modulation routing. My understanding is that this is one of the last keyboard designs Bob Moog worked on before Moog Inc was sold to Norlin.

This particular Multimoog has been stored, clean and dry, for over a decade. During my years of ownership (smoke free) the synth was fully functioning and sounded great. Coming out of storage it exhibits all the symptoms of a vintage analog synthesizer too long out of use. While it powers up and outputs sound the synth will need a full servicing to be brought back to spec. As I am not a technician it will be for the buyer to determine any needs. I don’t have cables to test the S-Trig or accessory ports but all other audio/CV ins and outs seem to be working. Engaging the front panel pots and switches produces signal noise and there are intermittent switches and keys, although the keybed overall seems to have held up quite well. Ribbon controller, mod wheel, all mod destinations and routing, LFO, VCO’s Noise source, VCA and VCF appear to be functioning. Cosmetically the synth is in surprisingly good condition considering its age and a long life of use. The panel lettering is very clean and intact. There are no unsightly gouges, scratches or other damage to the front panel besides what is expected from an instrument of this vintage that has been used. The original Moog nameplate is present. There is a small rip in the surface material on the ribbon controller and it is worn, despite this the controller still functions normally. I believe all the knobs and switches are original although the cutoff knob was painted red by a prior owner (naturally). The power socket appears to have been epoxied in place as a repair at some point before my ownership, it has worked without issue in my use. I have tried to include photos of all areas mentioned.” Click here to search for synths on eBay