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Moog Minimoog Model D

“1973 Old Osc Board Model D Serial 3609!!!!

Just tech’ed by Thesis Synth Repair.. New Bushings, Fully Calibrated, all switches and pots checked / cleaned.

My gut tells me not to sell it but, Im out of space, have way too many synths, including another Mini and an XL, so…. here it is.

1973 Minimoog D. The keys feel great, play great, all knobs work as they should the tech cleaned all pots and switches too!

The tracking and scaling is amazingly sweet as is the RAW SHEER POWERFUL tone from this classic beauty. Remember, i have a Voyager XL… they do NOT sound at all the same. In my book, the only semblance they share is three oscillators and a filter… the sound is completely different. While the XL is a modern gentleman, the old Mini is a Raw, Bold, grab you by the dandelions kinda sound.” Click here to search for synths on eBay