Moog Minimoog Model D

moog minimoog model d “This auction is for an early oscillator 1974 minimoog model D serial number 99xx. It has a new Claro Walnut wood case and has a brushed aluminum wheel box with custom clear backlit acrylic wheels. It has been recently calibrated. The keyboard has new bushings and its buss bars have been cleaned. The oscillators have been tuned and scaled. The pots and switches have been cleaned where they can. Most of the pots are sealed. That being said, there does not seem to any scratchy or glitchy pots. The filter works and sounds great. Both contour EGs (for the filter and amp) work as well as modulation from the 3rd oscillator to both the oscillator and filter sections. White and Pink noise work, external in works. All keys trigger (as show in the video where I demonstrate basic function), I will have the moog professional packed and will ship world wide. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay