# Moog Micromoog

Micromoog, Moog @ 12 March 2018

” I’m selling my vintage Micromoog that I’ve owned for about 40 years. I’ve used it mostly for left-hand bass and wired in a jack on the bottom to accommodate a Yamaha BP-1 bass pedal unit (13 notes, lower C to one octave up). The keyboard was rebuilt in late 2015 with all new rubber bushings using the proper Dow Corning lubricant. The keyboard action feels like new. The potentiometers and switches were cleaned at the same time. Everything works as expected and the unit sounds great.

Note the following:
1) The ribbon controller has a small tear near the bottom as can be seen in the photos, but it works fine and doesn’t affect the functionality.
2) The white rectangular area to the left of the Moog logo (on the back) is from an adhesive label I had there at one time. I wasn’t able to get it off with a mild adhesive remover, but a stronger one may work.

Included in the sale is the original “preliminary” operation manual from Moog dated July 1975, a Micromoog operation manual by Tom Rhea, some extra rubber keyboard bushings and a like-new Gator case. Will sell and ship to continental US only.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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