# Moog Cordovox CDX-0652 Project Machine

CDX-0652, Cordovox, Moog @ 16 July 2012

“I’m not sure what this thing is. It makes some sounds but it is difficult to get anything out of it. Picture 8 shows missing plastic beads which are necessary for isolation of the leaf as well as proper actuation of the leaf. The case is real fiberglass and it comes with a stand and red zipper case. The aluminum plates under the linear faders have light scratches and dullness. There are no signs of modifications repairs or broken parts wires or boards. Electronic components look fine. The 60 mm faders are fine and interlocking switches are smooth. There are more than a couple power supply boards and no doubt that the electrolytic caps have to be replaced. More info as it comes in.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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