# Moog 1120 Pedal

1120, Moog @ 04 April 2011

“Original vintage MOOG 1120 Pedal Controller, made in mid 1970s by Moog Music.

This pedal can be used with any Moog synthesizer model such as the Minimoog, Multimoog, Moog Modular, Micromoog, Prodigy, Memorymoog, Polymoog etc, They are typically used to control the VCF or the VCO or any other source these synths offer through their outputs.

It works perfectly: I just checked it with a MiniMoog D and it responded as it is supposed to.

These pedals are very rare nowadays, and they are an attractive addition to any vintage Moog synthesizer collection.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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