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Moog Memorymoog Plus

“It breaks my heart also to list this keyboard here on eBay along with the Jupiter 8 and the OB-Xa but I’m in the process of building my new studio and I have got to raise some funds. This Memorymoog Plus is in exceptional condition and all 6 Voices work flawlessly and tunes well. It has been serviced by the genius Kent Spong at KSR Synth Restorations (RL Music) and even he concluded that it even tunes better than LAMM Memorymoog – quite the statement. The whole thing had a full restoration and he went through everything top to bottom and I have to say it really is a Memorymoog that is a joy to play. As I said I wish I could keep it but money is very tight at the moment…

It is in superb condition: all faders, switches, buttons feel very good – not sure I have seen one this good!

– It has been stress-tested and all voices are rock solid and stable and perfectly calibrated (See photos of all 6 Voices working)
– Professionally restored and serviced
– No scratchy pots or wobbly sliders it really is in perfect condition and you are free to run the Test Mode to check for anything
– NO Tuning issues. All 18 Oscillators / 6Voices work and respond as they should
– 110V with included 300W High Quality Step Down Transformer”
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