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Memorymoog, Memorymoog Plus, Moog @ 10 April 2017

mmplus “Moog Memorymoog Plus with DBM Tech Midi Upgrade
One of the nicest you will ever find.

The best combination of Condition, Features and Accessories

I. Condition – Original Owner, smoke free studio use only and near perfect condition (see photos). Recent service with new battery. Shows 6 oscillators tuned.
II. Features – rare DBM Tech Midi Upgrade that allows:

1. Midi channel to be selected instead of always being on Omni

2. Midi recording and playback of Volume, Pitch and Modulation Wheel

and Sustain

3. Probably Best – Any Foot Pedal settings on the Memorymoog will

respond to Midi CC #4 (foot controller)

So you can actually record and playback Filter sweeps from any sequencer

(also anything else you program the foot pedals to on the front panel of

the Memorymoog including Osc 2 which can be used with Hard Sync)

These modifications are similar to the more well-known LAMM modifications

III. Accessories

1. Heavy Duty Anvil Case that was recently re-foamed.

2. Double Foot switch (one recently sold by itself on eBay for $500)

3. Model 1120 Pedal controller Foot Pedal

4. Original Owner’s Manual with schematic diagrams

5. Extra cassettes with banks of custom programs

6. Custom Dust Cover

The only imperfection is that the tip of the Osc 3 frequency tuning knob is partially broken off. This does not affect the functionality at all. It still tunes smoothly from one number to the next. I have the piece and it could quite probably be glued back on.

Jean-Michel Jarre called the Moog Memorymoog the Rolls Royce of Polyphonic synths.”
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