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LAMM, Memorymoog, Moog @ 28 May 2012

“Lintronics Advanced
Memorymoog LAMM

one of the best if not THE best polysynth ever made.

conidtion: 100% working. cosmetically very little wear.

Through and through a MONSTER SYNTH.

there is no other that can sound like the Memorymoog.

A Synthex is nice. A OB X is nice.

But nothing can touch the interstellar creepy sound
& sheer overhelming power of EIGHTTEEN !!! Moog Oscillators.
This is the bass you have been waiting for all your life.
These are the leads that stand out so far above everything else.
These are the chords that everyone knows. But no one has.
Except soon you!

The Memorymoog alone is fat.
BUT the LAMM got Midi, is stable and got more wonderful things to offer.
The Advanced Lintronics Memorymoog LAMM
is the most wanted Polysynth ever made.

The LAMM Mod (yes only the modification!) costs about 4800 eur at the moment.
IF Linhardt has time and does it. And IF you have a good working Memorymoog
to do it with. And IF you have lot’s of time to wait.

In any other case you should get this here now. Expensive. High Class.
But ! THE SOUND ! will compensate for every penny you spent.
As Peter Forrest said: you might not get closer to synth heaven!

OF COURSE IT COMES WITH THE LAMM MANUALS & DOCUMENTATION !” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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