Wiard 1200 Series Borg Filter GR-1213B

wiard 1200 “This is a Wiard 1200 Series Borg filter with blue anodized faceplate. I am the original owner. I am selling off some modular gear as my “work” takes me in a different direction.

If you are familiar with Wiard gear you know all about this: The Borg Filter uses a completly new filter design using “Vactrol”-based electronics. Where did the Borg name come from? Buchla Model 292 Low-pass Gate + KORG MS-20 High and Low-Pass Filters.

Wiard 1200 series modules were designed for the Frac-Rack (Paia, Blacet) rack system. This module requires +/-15vdc power.

Module works great though there is some “rack rash” around the mounting holes, a slight scratch on the faceplate, and a slight imperfection of the anodizing around the engraved “Wiard” logo at bottom of module (see photos).” Click here to visit listing on eBay