Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory

“Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers – Voltage Research Laboratory – Open Box.

This is basically a museum piece. It has a Frank Lloyd Wright / Stanley Kubrick vibe to it, and it’s so rare you can still launch your own YouTube channel with it.

Full Buchla-style analog voice with a dual complex oscillator, a dual function generator, two vactrol-less VCA/LPG/MMF dynamics controllers, and a very rich-sounding analog BBD delay. You can fold square waves and make all kinds of animal-like and organic sounding patches with this thing. It’s super rare, an undisclosed number were ever sold about a year an a half ago. Pittsburgh is making a VRL 2, but it will be substantially different to this. In addition to the VRL module, you get a the Lifeforms Touch controller, the Output Utility Module, and a walnut and steel 96 HP eurorack case. I’m selling this rare and inspiring instrument which has been played for under 10 hours. The rubber feet and many of the patch cables have not even been used. It will come shipped in the original box.” Click here to visit listing on eBay