PAiA 9700 Modular Synthesizer

“Paia 9700 series modular synth rig has been meticulously soldered with high-end audiophile solder. This unit includes a 8 step sequencer that incorporates the Ken Stone Sequential Switch ([link removed by eBay]) which is routed to a set of 8, completely bypass-able, control voltage knobs. This unit has two transformers, and two power supplies. One for the 9700 modules and one for the sequencer/potentiometer bank. This has been working in my smoke-free studio for 10 years. VCO 1v/octave tracking may need re-calibration, which is easy: I will include paper instructions and documents for each and every module including power supplies. Wooden case is sturdy white oak. Includes a handle on one side. Three power indicating LED’s are on a front panel that includes a few multiples (3.5mm and 1/4″ jacks wired in parallel), but the LED’s are not currently connected- this doesn’t effect function. This rack has plenty of LED’s!”
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