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PAiA 4782 Modular Synthesizer Keyboard Controller

“This paia keyboard came to us in a package deal. It was part of the 4700 modular system (see our other listings for a full system). It’s being sold strictly as is for parts or repair. We didn’t test it but we’re sure it’s not working because some wires have been cut. While we repair most vintage analog synthesizers, we don’t work on Paias here because they are relatively low value instruments so, strictly from a business perspective, it’s not feasible for us to pay our tech to fix it. However, Paia schematics are generally available on Paia’s excellent website forum and Paia gear is typically relatively easy to repair. Since most people shopping for Paia are DIY electronics hobbyists, most Paia buyers would probably enjoy such a restoration project. If you’re not capable of fixing it yourself, perhaps Paia knows someone who restores these. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay