PAiA 2720-3L VCF Low Pass Filter

“PAIA 2720-3L VCF Low Pass Filter + Extras
This auction is for the lower 48 States.

Hi. You are bidding on the pictured items. A PAIA 2720-3L VCF Low Pass Filter
Module. I have tons of PAIA Synth Modules and it’s time to start finding new homes for some of this gear. This is but one of the many Modules (from the 1970’s) by PAIA Electronics that introduced us to Modular Synthesis in an affordable, kit building experience. Be advised that you are purchasing a vintage PAIA Synth Module that is 100% functional and is being sold without return.

Included in this auction is the October 1973 edition of POPULAR ELECTRONICS.
This edition has an article: “INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC” by Don Lancaster on page 35 and a classified ad for Paia Electronics on page123. This ad is for the Synth Kit that would have included this Module.” Click here to search for synths on eBay