# PAiA 2700

Modular, PAIA @ 23 May 2017

“This is a great introduction to modular synthesizers.

The unit is 90% functional, but the EG is not working. It is likely repairable as it was working previously. I purchased most of the modules off ebay and assembled them in my own makeshift case. I modded the vco’s with alpha trim pots and routed them to the front panel. The power supply is original but I added an inline AC filter at it’s front end. The power plug comes out of the left hand panel and is a standard 3 prong AC. The modules are power supply, 2 vco’s, bandpass and low pass filters, 2 vca’s, LFO/noise module, and EG.

This synthesizer is linear VCO’s. Circa DIY kit from about 1970. I’ve used a qunexus to control it as well as a beatstep and a korg sq1. It tracks in Hz per volt over about 12 to 14 semitones. This is by design as the original design had a keyboard which was tunes by individual key and trimpot. I started putting this synth together as a project to learn about modular synths but have outgrown it and moved on to eurorack. I am an electronics technician by trade so the build is pretty sound.

If you bid on this please be aware of what you are bidding on as I will not accept returns based on “thinking it was exponential”” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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