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Mutable Instruments Shruthi

” Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 Synth w SMR-Mk2 Filter.

The very first commercial product from the recently closed Mutable Instruments. This synth is a classic that follows the general hybrid topology of the legendary Ensoniq synths (8-bit digital oscillators and analog filters). However, MI took things to a completely different level by including multiple oscillator algorithms beyond simple wavetable playback, offering alternate filter and FX boards, unusual 8-bit math mixing options, a fully figured mod matrix, LFO’s with funky patterns, and a complex arpeggiator that can also function as a mini 16-step sequencer (complete with MIDI out!).

So much functionality in this little guy, it’s hard to include it all here (for example, the monosynth can be chained with other Shruthi’s to make a polyphonic version!!!, *all* parameters are addressable with MIDI CC’s, and alternate firmwares are available that sport snappier pitch envelopes for drum synthesis, anti-aliased PolyBlep oscillator replacements, graphical sequencing, and a performance UI with assignable knobs!!!).

Comes with the original lowpass filter board, inspired by the warm and squelchy Roland sound. The voices can be silenced and the fully analog VCA/VCF can be used to envelope or filter externally input sounds. Lightly used and built professionally by Laurentide Synthworks, with a classy metal case and wood cheeks, so no worries about dodgy DIY construction.

I could go on about the capabilities of this impressive, feature-packed monosynth (drum sequencer mode, condition-triggerable envelopes, available mods for alternate filter responses/distortion modes and CV input), but if you’re peeping this auction, you already know what you’re dealing with here. Experience the beginnings of the Mutable Instruments legacy!” Click here to visit listing on eBay