# Hordijk Blippoo Box

Hordijk @ 01 October 2013

“The legendary (infamous?) Rob Hordijk ‘Blippoo Box’. As for what it does and how it does it, a quick Google search will offer a far better notion than I can personally provide. Too, there are quite a few videos available that will provide a good overview of the capabilities and inexplicable sound of these units. Not being lazy in my deference to Google-ing, rather that the information that’s already available provides a far more apt and comprehensive description than I could bore you with here. As regards this particular unit: It was indeed purchased by me, last year, directly from Rob Hordijk. This is the latest version of this device (as far as I’m aware), and has the photoelectric eye as is present on all of the newer units. Too, Rob now produces both the ‘classic’ version (with 1/4″ jacks) and a version with a combination of banana jacks and 1/4″ jacks. My unit (as can be seen in the photos) is the former, having only 1/4″ jacks for all ins and outs. I never got ’round to using this unit, and purchased it solely for the uniqueness and exclusivity. There aren’t too many around, and Rob only does small runs when enough orders are received to make it worthwhile. As far as I know, he does still produce the Blippoos, though there’s typically an indefinite wait-period between runs. So said, this unit is as new, and in the exact condition as it was when received by me – no known issues whatsoever. Additionally, one appropriate external PSU was provided with the unit, though I went ahead and purchased an additional power supply (identical, direct from Mouser) just to have it on-hand. There was no power cord provided by either Rob or by Mouser, though I will include one that I lifted from an old computer that is of the appropriate type. This is the only piece included with this auction that is not new, though a new one can be readily purchased or found if necessary – it’s a very common type.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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