# Eurorack Modular Synth

“You are bidding on a custom Doepfer A-100 Eurorack 4 x 3U Modular Synth. Customized to be used both as a synth and a sound design system, this modular is loaded with the best sounding synth and sound manipulation modules. Everything is in pristine condition cosmetically and functionally.

Livewire Audio Frequency Generator (x2)

Livewire Dalek Modulator

Livewire Vulcan Modulator

Harvestman Malgorithm

Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer

Malekko Assmaster

Metasonix R-51 VCA (x2)

Metasonix R-53 Waveshaper/Ring Mod

Doepfer A-119 Env Follower

Doepfer A-144 Ring Modulator

Doepfer A-116 Waveforem Processor

Doepfer A-137 Wave Multiplier

Doepfer A-118 Noise Generator

Doepfer A-138 Mixer

Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter

Doepfer A-106-1 Extreme Filter

Doepfer A-180 Mults

Doepfer A-188-1 BBD Module

Doepfer A-160 Clock Divider

Doepfer A-147 LFO

Doepfer A-140 Env Generator (x2)

Doepfer A-134 Dual Crossfader

Doepfer A-131 VCA

Doepfer A-134 Panning Module

Doepfer A-182-1 Switched Mutls

Doepfer A-100g6 Racks (x2)

20 Patch Cables” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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