# Eurorack Modular Synth

“Modular Synth comprising of the following modules, worth around £2500 new. all in excellent condition.

2x Analogue Systems RS15 6u case and PSU with 7 doepfer style sockets too.
2x Analogue Systems RS95 oscillators with Pulse, Saw/Tri, Sine waveforms.
1x Analogue Systems RS110 multimode filter
1x Analogue Systems RS170 multiple
1x Analogue Systems RS160 cv mixer
1x Analogue Systems RS165 signal mixer
2x Analogue Systems RS60 Voltage Controlled ADSR with auto repeat
1x Analogue Systems RS50 Trigger Generator DC Shifter
1x Analogue Systems RS80 Voltage Controlled LFO
1x Analogue Systems RS40 Noise / Sample and Hold
1x Analogue Systems RS180 VCA
1x Analogue Systems RS200 3x 8 step sequencer with start/stop/reset functions.
1x Analogue Systems RS150 Sequencer Switch
1x Doepfer A119 external input
2x Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer – can’t explain what these are, just a mental racket!

I will split if you are interested in individual parts, send me a message with what part you are interested in and I can then set up a listing for the individual module. Ideally sell as one though to keep things simple. Collection / inspection available in Islington, London.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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