Doepfer A-100 Modular Synthesizer

“This Doepfer has never been on tour, and only used in a non-smoking, personal studio. It’s in amazing shape – only the case cover has been altered with a sharpie, but it’s only cosmetic. Comes with over 20 patchbay cables in various colors and lengths.

Thanks for pointing out the power – this is US POWER. The cord is three prong US. It was converted by a pro modular synth builder in LA – easy conversion.

Shipping Included within the 48 states that are connected.

Top Level
A-132 Dual VCA
A-114 Ring Mod
A-111 VCO 2 (high end VCO)
A-110 VCO
A-115 Divider
A-116 WP (VC Waveform Processor)
A-119 Ext. In (exterior input/envelope follower)
A-121 VCF2 (multimode filter)
A-140 ADSR (envelope generator)
A-134 Pan (VC panning module)

Bottom Level
A-136 Dis (distortion waveshaper)
A-138 Mixer
A-147 VCLFO (voltage controlled LFO)
A-163 VDIV (VC frequency divider)
A-127 VCRF (triple Voltage Controlled Resonance Filter)
A-118 Noise (+Random Volt)
A-131 VCA
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