Modcan A Modular Synthesizer

“Modcan A Series Modular Synthesizer / 27 MODULES+PSU & Cases / RARE.

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Cynthia Photon interface * 2

Cynthia anything module

Cynthia Dark Star chaos

Cynthia psycho analog shift register

Cynthia programmer

Cynthia dual adsr * 2

Cynthia twin wasp filter

Cynthia filthy filter

Cynthia 6 input mixer

Cynthia gate sequencer

Cynthia large power supply

6 Cynthia six pack module holders

Modcan a follower 45a

Modcan triple vco 70a

Modcan dual video 62 a

Modcan noise / S&H / ring 07 a

Modcan CV recorder 57 a

Modcan low-pass Filter 02 a

Modcan for pole low-pass 14a

Modcan 4075 filter 36a

Modcan cem low-pass 29a

Modcan interface 25A

Modcan for VCA 31a

Modcan dual LFO 05 a

Sputnik waveform generator

AC gristleizer DLX

AC Russian module filter ” Click here to visit listing on eBay