# Cyndustries Milton Sequencer

Cyndustries, Modular @ 28 September 2010

“This your chance to get a Cyndustries Milton Sequencer synth module in as new condition as shown in the pics. It has seen light use in a smoke free studio. This is great in combination with the Analog Switch I’m selling too!

The Milton Sequencer is the coolest analog sequencer ever made! It’s heart is 4 rows of 16 steps (cv values) that can be driven by a clock in the standard fashion, but one of the things that really makes this a standout sequencer is it’s ability to be driven by any control voltage signal…plug an oscillator or envelope into the CV IN and watch the sequencer scan across the values! Drive it with audio rate signals and use it as a 64 stage tunable waveform generator!

It’s got gate outputs at each step, and x/y trigger bus, remote enable mode (think arpeggiator), outputs for each row and more! After purchasing this new from Cyndustries, I sent it back to them to get the trigger bus upgrade so it now consistently outputs triggers.

Easily compatible with Modcan, Serge, Buchla, Bugbrand, etc.”

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