Buchla 200e

“Buchla 200e Electric Music Box Modular With 201e-12 Powered Cabinet and White Buchla Flight Case

Buchla 200e modular system in a 201e-12 Powered Cabinet also included is the original white Buchla flight case that fits the system for added protection while moving or storing

This is a nice complete system configuration that includes sequencing, touch keyboard, both types of Buchla oscillators, filtering, random, S&H and noise options, audio and CV modulation, envelops, VCA / Gate, mixing and with all the blue knobs settings being able to be saved with the preset manager.

Included are all the cables you will need to start patching, 12 Tiny jack audio cables, 12 Pomona banana cables for CV and 4 Pomona Double Banana Stackable shorting Bars to connect the 281e outs to the 291e inputs, power supply and also a J&R e-Ray 12 LED light for the 201e-12 powered cabinet.

Here is a list of the Buchla 200e system:

– Dual Arbitrary Function Generator Model 250e

– Uncertainty Source / Dual Filter Model 267e

– Mixer / Preset Manager Model 206e

– Twisted Waveform Generator Model 259e

– Complex Waveform Generator Model 261e

– Quad Function Generator Model 281e

– Quad Dynamics Manager Model 292e

– Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator Model 285e

– Keen Association Polyphonic Touch’n’Run Voltage Array Model 220

– 201e-12 Powered Cabinet – A three-boat cabinet designed to accommodate up to 12 200-series modules

– Original Buchla White Flight Case for the 201e-12 Powered Cabinet

– J&R e-Ray 12 LED light for 201e-12 Powered Cabinet

– 12 Pomona Stackable Banana cables of various lengths for routing CV signals

– 12 Tini-Jax cables of various lengths routing audio signals

– 4 Black Pomona Double Banana Stackable Shorting Bars

– Buchla Accessory Bag

– Buchla USA Easel Weasel Sticker

The list price for this system configuration is around $16,300

I bought this complete system used last year for around 20% off list prices and love it very much but family needs have come up and I am forced to part with it. I am starting bidding out at more than 45% off list prices, synth dreams can come true!”
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