# Analogue Systems 12U Modular Synth

Analogue Systems, Modular @ 09 February 2010

analogsystems modular “Analogue systems integrator modular synthesiser.

Excellent condition. A few of the pots might need a little cleaning (normal for analogue equipment). The vast majority of them are perfect.

2x 6U rack enclosures, one with a Doepfer compatible power rail. This allows easy installation of extra doepfer/cwejman etc eurorack modules.

CV buffer
4x VCO
Divider (works on clocks or oscillators)
Modulation controller (LFO, VCA, Noise, S&H combination)
VC Digital stereo echo (long delays with CV madness)
Ring mod/4 way multiple
2x LFO
3x CV/audio invertible 4->1 mixers
Ladder Moog style LPF
Multimode VCF (low, band, high and notch pass filter)
Spring reverb (amazing retro clangs)
Slew limiter (portamento)
Gate->Trigger converter/CV shifter
Dual 5 way multiple
Frequency->CV converter/envelope follower
2x Comb filters (BBD delay/flanger)
Phase shifter (with internal LFO output)
2x VCA
A bundle of patch cables.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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