# Metasonix TM-2

Metasonix @ 17 June 2014

“Metasonix TM-2 Vacuum-Tube Dual Bandpass Filter plus VCA!!!

Serial Number SN TM2-35

Handmade Boutique **Tube** Filter Module for the discriminating Electronic Musician! This unit is useful for Modular Synthesists, Guitarists, or for anyone who wishes to mangle a cleaner tone or drive another cascaded unit hard. This extreme unit is not for everyone, but those that will like these know who they are! Like many Metasonix units, this one can get quite noisy, and the very sensitive controls allow one to shape the primary signal and noise into something special.

Comes in original box with AC class 2 transformer, 120 VAC to 10 VAC (warning: don’t use this transformer with other gear!).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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