Marion Systems MSR-2 Project Machine

“Marion Systems MSR2 Rack Synth.

Has problems saving patches.
In order to get sounds via MIDI, adjust the mix volume by accessing menu and turn it up (its set at 00). Also it has to be AutoTuned to hear the oscillators. Got to AutoTune in the Menu: set to All and press Enter.
Sometimes it freezes while playing MIDI and adjusting parameters and has to be re-started.
I was told it may just need a simple battery replacement but I’m not a tech – I can not give an accurate diagnosis.
Fix and flip or add to your synth collection or spare parts if you already have one. The Marion MSR-2 is a rare synth. These are going for a nice price second hand/ on Ebay.
It has a wavetable, PWM type sound, Great for dub techno and through effects. ”
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