Maplin 5600s

“Up for auction is a Maplin 5600s Monophonic Vintage Synthesizer Synth Rare. This unit was completely put back together by Kurt Sampson in Prescott, Az and some of the parts are original but most of the parts are new.

I am going to break down the work that was done on this unit as best as I can. The keyboard (digitally controlled) is new, the spring reverb is new, & the power supply was specifically constructed for this machine. All four oscillators work, the two filters work, all five mixers work, the keyboard control works, both amplifiers work, the sample and hold work, left and right outputs work great, the spring reverb / phaser work, & the 30 x 30 patch matrix works great and it comes with 14 pegs to make different combinations of patches. There are no dirty potentiometers. More recently the pitch wheel was installed, gate clock in, cv in, ext cv1, ext cv was installed as well so you can sync it up with a drum machine.”
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