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Computone Incorporated Lyricon Project Machine

“We’ve been told these are normally non-functional at this point if they haven’t been refurbished in recent times. This unit is no exception. Our tech does an incredible job refurbishing most of our gear but he doesn’t know how to refurbish the controller section in this unit, so we’re not going to have him experiment with it and are selling it as-is. Fortunately though, we’ve been in touch with a tech who says he fully refurbishes them for $650, and can put you in touch with him and can ship it directly to him if you’d like, if you purchase this unit.

The power switch and some other switches are currently stuck in place from lack of use. A couple of the metal inserts from the faders are missing but this is just cosmetic. It otherwise appears to be in great physical shape – see the pics. That’s all we know about it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay