LinnDrum LM-2

“working units without extras selling fot $3500.00.original owner was working fine when put away. now all front leds on and no output probably an easy fix.needs was modifyed for midi by j l cooper in the 80s.orig manual.has a bunch of extra sound chips.has all quick release chip sockets with 4 spares.has 16 spare trigger for chips.sounds:unit is full of sound chips and has these additional 58 chips.bass, snap ,whistle, snr 15, snr 20, snr 9, snr 23,tabla 1,fish,silent,scratch 1,snr 18,9000 snr 2.toms 1 a b,slap bass gtr,crash choke,slap bass 1,dog bark,short hh 1,tymps 1 a b ,clave 1,guica 1,snr 13,blok 1,noise burst 1,conga slap,claps 2,syn cab 1,timbale 1 a b,scratch 2,toms 6 a b,toms 8 a b,bell 1,bell 2,tb toms 2 a b,toms 17 a b,toms 3 a b,triangle a b c d,toms 9 a b,bass drum 6,bass drum 8,tb bass 2,toms a b,cowbell.” Click here to search for synths on eBay