# Linn 9000 Project Machine

Linn 9000 @ 18 September 2012

” this is one of 2 linn 9000s we have on ebay at the moment. we bought this linn 9000 broken a long time ago and intended to fix it, but tech time is limited and we need to focus our repair efforts on our huge inventory of vintage analog synths, so we are offering it for sale broken. it is being sold strictly as is, for parts or repair. though we have had nearly a 100% success record reviving vintage electronic musical instruments like this, other tech’s skills vary and we therefore must make it clear that there are no guarantees. here are some basic initial notes we took on it several years back when we first acquired it, though these probably wont be too helpful: “missing 1 pad, missing 1 button, missing some knob caps, batteries leaked badly and acid damage has spread significantly beyond the batteries themselves, unit not functional so unable to assess further at this time. ” this unit may be a good choice for someone skilled at electronic repair or someone whos willing to invest in restoring this instrument to its original state.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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