# Linn 9000

Linn 9000 @ 18 December 2012

“This one is packed with lot’s of amazing features.
It has the FORAT 6.62 OS which allows this machine to load samples into memory and FIXES ALL THE BUGS
normally associated with the Linn 9000. It’s been furnished with brand new batteries and all of the pads work
completely. They are quick to trigger and feel incredible. This is what an MPC should feel like. This unit has the trigger inputs and also the SMPTE card but it does NOT have the sampling A/D card HOWEVER you can load samples via
floppy or burn EEPROMS. Contact bruce Forat and he can make you a custom Linn LM 1 set.

The kick drum is also not the standard Linn 9000 kick but is instead Kick 7 which is the superior kick
that was put in after the machine had been on the market and people complained about the lackluster
factory kick.

Also, because this is the Forat OS, the sequencer is GREATLY expanded and is basically what the MPC
sequencer should have been with better timing and FEEL than anything else out there.
The sequencer includes comprehensive sequencing over 16 channels, step edit mode or live record, and a
What this means is that you could come up with a drum groove and play a melodic arrangement that is of a different
bar count than your drums!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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