# Linn 9000

Linn 9000 @ 19 April 2011

” You don’t see these very often! This is the Linn 9000, packed with the high-quality sounds from the classic Linn drums but expanded to include a sequencer and some limited sampling capability. Only about 1000 were made, but they quickly were snatched up as THE drum machine of the 80s. Roger Linn took the concept of the Linn 9000 and it eventually was repackaged as the Akai MPC-60.

This particular 9000 comes in good shape and with a sturdy flight case. There were a few slightly different variations on the 9000. This one has the floppy drive in the front. It works well and you are able to load new samples into the 9000 via floppies. As you can see, the backlight on the display is working. The sounds out of this are great. Each one can be mixed, panned and even tuned live. Plus, the 9000 has the great feature of variable high-hat decay. I’m including a printout of the manual (actually very difficult to find) along with a utility program for transferring wave files to the floppy format used by the 9000. Overall, a great package.

The 9000 is built like a tank and it weighs like one! Together with the flight case, it’s going to be pretty hefty to ship.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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