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Korg MS20

” Vintage, and original Korg MS-20 is good condition. No signs of physical or psychological abuse, no dings or huge dents or bruises to speak of (see pictures). I’ve owned it for a while now, but because of the pandemic there’s not much work out there these days… but the bills keep appearing every month- if you know what I mean… Sadly this MS-20 has been sitting idle for a few months now too…
This is a model intended for the USA market (you don’t need a step up or step down transformer). You don’t have to think about proper power. All of the knobs are present, all keys are good and overall it’s a pretty clean unit given its age. I used it mainly for recording sound effects and experimentation using the pitch to voltage converter, which produces interesting results to say the least! As you know, the LP and HP filters are gnarly! A few of the pots are a little noisy, some of the jacks can be cleaned, but that’s an easy fix. I hope it finds a good home because it’s been a trusty, loyal synthesizer with an abundance of sonic capabilities. Thanks and good luck, be safe and stay creative during these tough times!” Click here to search for synths on eBay