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Korg MS-20 with Korg SQ-1

” original 1978 korg ms-20 original monophonic semi modular synth , this synth is in amazing condition first to see will buy just not getting used this is a real bit of synth history and is only going up in the value the condition of this is great for 40 years old this has not been gigged with and is really good condition

not getting used time to buy something new for the studio but this is a beast , used on so many classic records from funk to techno the ms-20 has many uses
this unit also comes with the sq-1 t(the sq-1 sequencer ) this is a remake of the famous sq-10 sequencer this is not from the 70’s and was released few years ago but will let you add notation from a computer via usb to your MS-20 so its very useful as well as 2 sets of cv and gates” Click here to visit listing on eBay