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Korg MS-20

“This vintage Korg MS20 keyboard synthesizer, originally released in 1978, is a classic piece of retro equipment that any musician would love to have in their collection. With its semi-modular design, it offers endless possibilities for creating unique and original sounds. It is an excellent addition to any studio or live performance setup, and is sure to provide countless hours of creative inspiration.

This one comes in excellent condition, believed to be fully operational, but I haven’t tested every single parameter so this is not a guarantee! All keys and knobs are working as expected though and all insert points look clean. Serial number is below 150k which indicates that this is the Mk1 model with the better filter. Sold as is, so strictly no returns!! Buyer welcome to test fully on colection.

It’s fitted with a Japanese power cord requires a step converter to run from UK mains supply (NOT INCLUDED) AirLink trasnformers are recommended by SoundGas and are particularly reliable unlike some of the cheaper Chinese transformers, which I would never trust with one of my vintage synths!!!”
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