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Korg MS-20

“I’ll start by saying, the new versions are def cool, but not even close in raw tone. The original is still the real deal. These are quirky, cool synths… the best of Japanese Filters for sure. Gritty, gnarly and more. Two OSCs of sweet tone. Notice there is no screw on the VCA section panel.. this is an original 35 filter version.. known to be much more aggressive in tone and much rarer than the latter filters : )

Ive had this for years, used it for years on albums and soundtrack work. It always sounded killer, always stable too. Had a tech go over it last year, he calibrated it, cleaned all the pots.. its all in great workable condition… but one thing to note.. there is some pitting / rust spots on the metal chassis as shown in pics. Only cosmetic, nothing more than that.. Its been like that for years. Just stating for full disclosure.” Click here to visit listing on eBay