Korg MS-20

“Rare to find an original MS20 (this is not reissue kit from a few years back or the MS20 mini). It really is really good condition with little rust on one of the EG 1 Trigger input that you can see in the picture but has not effect on usability. Also two of the knobs are been changed, again no effect on playability. I bought it in Brighton from a seller on Ebay that sold it to me working but in dusty condition, this caused some problems with playability, it has recently been fixed about a month ago by the great guys from the Southend Electronic Music Service to full working order. Selling to raise funds for other music equipment that is more suited to my set-up. The middle A key has a little chip on it and is a little bit marked.

Serial Number: 142145” Click here to search for synths on eBay