# Korg X-911 Project Machine

Korg, X-911 @ 14 January 2018

“artially working with faults!

Instrument side:
Elec Bass LED always on (doesn’t Cancel) No sound either from this preset.
Tuba never switches on, so no response from this one either.
the other 4 work as intended, including trim pots.

Synthe side:
LEDs will light & cancel, but none are sounding.

I have a feeling this will centre around the filter chip rather than the buttons. Similar to the common fault in the Korg Delta. The parts are still available.

The left hand side of the panel is fully working, input, portamento/ interval/ tune/ octave all 100% on the 4 working voices. Still great fun to be had with this alone! Glitchy, Prog-type fun & Octave effects a-plenty!

Synthe filter knob not working, again pretty sure this is related to the synthe side. Possibly these tones go through the filter chip & the instrument side is filtered by resistors etc, as you have no control over those.”

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