# Korg Wavestation

Korg, Wavestation @ 26 January 2013

“I am the single owner for this Korg Wavestation WS1 and have used it liberally since late 1990. It was my >beloved< primary synth until I went to software synthesis. Use has been about 98% studio and 2% stage. For the past several years and until recently, I mainly used it as a midi controller. Prior to that, I had several of my own custom sound programs but at some point, I must have performed a restore to the factory default presets. I have tested every control and in/outs and all are working. I am starting out with an effort to sell for pick-up only in the Tampa Bay area because it is a costly beast to ship (~$150) and I want the buyer to get the best value possible. While the keyboard is in fully working condition, it has the sort of surface wear you might expect of a +22 year old classic keyboard. The monochrome LCD works fine and is clearly legible in certain light conditions (see photo), but as many of these keyboards do, it needs a backlight replacement, which can be attained for less than $30 online (see example link below) and easily installed by the user (videos on youtube). I am also including (1) RAM program card that can store another 30 or so programs but the card itself needs a replacement of the small lithium battery to work (a few bucks maybe). I took the photos in crisp solar light so every surface scratch (and unfortunately some lint and dust) is clearly visible. The photos make it look worse than it actually does in person. I'd call it 'very good' condition for the age though I've seen some spotless examples out there over $500. All screen printed lettering is intact and clearly legible. " Click here to visit listing on eBay

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