# Korg VC-10 Vocoder

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 28 January 2017

10 ” Thank you for visiting my listing. Here we have a vintage Korg VC-10 vocoder synth. As you can see in the pictures, they have spelled “RESPONCE” instead of “RESPONSE.” I have been looking for information about this error, and can only confirm that it happened. According to Wikipedia, “It has been noted on Korg Kornucopia mailing lists [5] that early versions of the VC-10 have a misprint on the front panel block diagram, which spells “FREQUENCY RESPONCE SIMULATOR” rather than the correct “FREQUENCY RESPONSE SIMULATOR”.”

I do not see other listings with the error currently, or in recent sales. The serial number is, as expected based on above, lower than typically seen, at #1600**.

Cosmetically, it’s in great shape approaching 40. There are some small scratches on the back of the unit (pic 9), and on the front under the keys (pic 10). There is some light swirling which appears to be from previous cleanings, which is completely surface as far as I can tell (pic 11). There is some rust on some of the screws. There is minimal pitting on the mic input hardware (pic 8), and a rust spot on the microphone neck (pic 3, about 60% from top). ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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