# Korg Sigma

Korg, Sigma @ 07 November 2015

korg sigma “Super rare Korg Sigma analog Synth. This synth is in great shape, the only major problem is the tops of the two joysticks are broken off but they still function like normal. The sound of this can be very expressive due to its non typical layout. This keyboard was intended to be played as a lead synth and has a brute force way of shaping timbre that will cut through any mix. The sound is monophonic but big and if you are looking for a lead instrument that will go into some strange exotic places this thing is for you. The aftertouch is controlled by a tiny light sensor under the keyboard and can be programmed to bend notes or add vibrato. Also the quarter tone button on this synth is unique if you need to play exotic scales from a far away place. Its made of solid metal and wood and has a cool music stand that pops up on the back, This is surely a collectors item and only 1000 were ever made. Good luck!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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