# Korg Sigma

Korg, Sigma @ 08 September 2012

“The rare korg sigma here, it does work but I’m listing it as a fixer upper though there isn’t anything wrong with it that can’t be easily fixed so please read the whole description. The Joystick tip broke off which I still have and could be glued or screwed maybe back on, the joystick base still works fine. There are two missing tabs which makes those waveforms stay on but it’s easy to turn them off you just need to wedge something in between the contact. The 8′ saw wave tab doesn’t seem to work, I don’t know if it’s a bad connection or what. That is pretty much all that’s wrong with it, nothing that couldn’t be fixed easily. Assume there are a couple scratchy knobs and this is 30+ years old. It sound amazing and is basically stereo because there are two synth engines and have separate outputs so you can do panning. The Aftertouch is awesome and the low-hipass joystick is a joy to play (before my housemate broke the tip off). The tracking and tuning is very solid! And can be sequenced and controlled nicely with korg’s hz/trig from a midi cc converter. I have been selling for years, many high end synths and I’ve never had a negative feedback and always accurately describe my gear. Please understand that you are getting an old project synthesizer that needs a little tlc. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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