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Korg Polysix Project Machine

“Korg Polysix from the 80ties!

Sold as-is for parts only with no warranties, guarantees, refunds or returns. It has quite a few bugs and needs a major restoration. That said, it makes sound and is installed with factory preset sounds.

Here are the defects I know from:
The programming seems to work, but some of the buttons for “PROGRAMMER” has a bad connection. The middle c does not work. Four of the colored buttons are missing. There is some background noise on the output. One of the keys appears to have been broken and has been glued. The cable holders have been removed. One of them is broken in the plastic, and the screws for mounting them are missing. When using a tuner, I have noticed that it is slightly out of tune. If the middle C is in tune, the deep c is too low, and the bright c is too high. The pitch bender has no spring. Furthermore, as seen from the pictures, it has quite a lot of wear on the wood, especially in the corners.

Here are the repairs I know has been made:
About 20 years ago, a new battery was installed.
Lately, a new jack plug was installed, and some loose connections in the keys have been fixed, but the middle C does not work.” Click here to visit listing on eBay