Korg Polysix

“Korg Poly 6 Synthesizer. Bought new in 1985. This synth powers up but there is no sound. It has been unplayed and in storage for years now. I replaced 2 keys recently, 1 black, 1 white. In its day it had fair usage (mainly home) but was well looked after, though it picked up a few knocks along the way. It comes with original manual, settings charts and sounds tape. It has a few bits of minor damage, some of the laminate on the frame is chipped, a mark on one of the keys and a few screws have been replaced ( see photos). I would have loved to get it working again because it had a beautiful, fat, rich 80s sound, but i don’t have the time or skills, so would be better for someone else with the know how, or to be used for spares if it can’t be repaired.” Click here to visit listing on eBay