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Korg Polysix

” Korg Polysix in perfect working condition all functions work perfectly! Replaced battery and and restored keyboard with a lot of new parts by expert synth technician. Fixed up to near perfection!!! Here is a list of work done: – thorough cleaning and repair of original CPU board, ensuring all traces and components are reliable, new battery/holder. – replaced most capacitors on FX board, CPU board, power supply – added bracket to reinforce switchboard PCB where it normally sags/warps – cleaned all pots/switches/jacks – added shielding between front panel and FX board
– full calibration on PSU, CPU board, voices, and FX board above factory spec
unnecessary detail: – PSU was wired for 100v, corrected to 120v – reglued missing laminate on front left – fixed 3 keys – repaired LED issue on switch board ” Click here to search for synths on eBay