# Korg Poly Ensemble

Korg, Poly Ensemble @ 24 December 2016


Korg PE-1000 Poly Ensemble P Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synth. One of the rarest synthesizers, you won’t find another one of these in the US without having to import it from Japan yourself. I’m charging what it cost me if you include the shipping I paid from Japan. The synth was completely serviced before I got it. It’s in stellar condition, and cosmetically looks barely used at all. Two minor issues worth mentioning. The glide knob doesn’t seem to do anything I can hear, so despite the servicing, this is likely non-functional. The other thing is that when you put it into control mode, it sounds great, but when you play chords, there is some distortion. This doesn’t happen in monophonic control mode, or for the presets. From what I can tell this is the way the synth was made and it’s a design decision, but perhaps if you have a tech look at it they can mod it or something. An incredibly unusual and unique bit of vintage gear, makes use of korg’s really powerful diode ladder traveler filter. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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