Korg Poly 800 II

” korg poly 800 mk2 digital/analogue synthesizer. This synthesizer sounds fantastic. It has 2 DCOs and a noise generator each with their own ADSR envelope generator and most importantly it has an analogue VCF filter which makes this instrument sound great. It also has onboard digital delay, basic step sequencer and a MIDI interface so that you can sync it it sequencers, drum machines and computers with midi compatibility. Everything works on this unit except for 2nd D# key for some reason. The D# note still sounds if you play it from another controller keyboard or a sequencer or using the pitch bend but the actual key doesnt work when you press it. All other switches, sliders, knobs and keys work. It is 8note polyphonic. It comes with a real manual that you can actually read and it still has the original data tape cassette with it for factory sounds, though I have never used the tape and can’t verify if the cassette works or not. It still has the original box. I have not got a power adaptor for it but it uses the standard guitar stomp box 9V type. The original korg one broke many years ago and I just use my guitar stomp box adaptor with it now. This was the first synth I ever bought back in the 80s when I got my first job. I sampled it to death! Sorry to see it go. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay